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eMDee Technology, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is DisCommWin HLA Compatible?

Yes, HLA Radio Technology is now integrated into our latest version of our DisCommWin DLL.

How do I specify the location of a radio antenna?

The location of a radio antenna can be specified in on of three ways:
1. Absolute world position using Geocentric coordinates (Z,Y,Z)
2. Absolute world position using Geodetic coordinates (lat, long, alt)
3. Relative to entity position using "entity attach" mode

What is "entity attach" mode?

The position of a radio antenna can be specified relative to an attached entity position. When a radio is in "entity attach" mode, DisComm monitors the DIS network for Entity State PDUs that match the entity ID assigned to that radio. The entity position and orientation data (from the Entity State PDU) combined wiht the relative antenna location (in entity coordinates) is used to caclculate the world position of the antenna: a simple coordinate transformation from entity coordinates to world coordinates produces an offset vector for the antenna position given in geocentric coordinates.

This method of specifying antenna location is useful since more than one radio can be attached to a single entity and each radio antenna can have a different relative position within the entity. This reduces overhead of having to calculate and specify each location of every antenna attached to the entity. The host control software only needs to specify relative locations (which typically do not change) and the ID of the entity to be "attached". The absolute position of each antenna is calculated by the DisComm software.